Samsung Galaxy S10 new Instagram mode feature quite awesome

Since the beginning of the year, Samsung has been making winning moves. In this years CES we saw them show us the foldable prototype that they have been working on. The device looked quite complete to me. I mean, if they launched it today they would still get customers. But since the users of today are quite harsh, they would rather not. The technology world demands that before the launching of software it should be tested to perfection. Well, Samsung Galaxy S10 Instagram mode seems to have done just that. If you haven’t heard of this feature you should know that you don’t need to open the Instagram app in order to access their camera.

This new camera mode is very easily accessed. Much like how we access other modes like the panorama and the slow-mo on iOS. However, this new feature was not released when the company’s flagship devices launched. Apparently, the feature will be rolled out in the form of an update. Funny how fast they have already started tinkering with the device. Normally it would take a company at least three months to release the first update to the software. This just goes to show that Samsung is no ordinary company. Actually, more and more people are coming to the realization that Samsung has surpassed Apple.

What exactly does the Samsung Galaxy S10 Instagram mode entail?

We all know how good Instagram filters are. Although it is still up for debate whether they are better than Snapchat’s. The only major delimiter Snapchat faces against Instagram is that it doesn’t work well with most phone cameras. Plus it is a popular belief that the application consumes a lot of battery when in use. Not to mention data bundles. Back to the main story, all these filters will be accessible from the default camera app. Will we have access to features like the boomerang or the Instagram music section? I highly doubt it. So if you would like to enjoy this feature purchase the device and sit tight till you get the update. Once you do, tell us about your experience in the comment section below.