Samsung Galaxy S10 LED case turning off after a few minutes

Samsung has done a lot in a bid to be in front of the competition this year. Normally they get opposition from the likes of Apple and Huawei. But in my opinion, it will be quite hard to match the Korea based tech giant. However, Apple is still struggling to keep up. Although there are aspects of these modern devices that Apple stands unopposed on. For example, the Face ID feature that has them holding on tight to the notch. We recently posted an article describing how easy it is to hack Samsung’s face recognition software. The topic of discussion today is the Galaxy S10 LED case. This invention had won over a lot of users, so it’s sad to say that it doesn’t work as well as most people had hoped.

Few products come out perfectly in the modern world, the Galaxy S10 LED case is sadly not among them. The close to perfect Galaxy S10 device Samsung recently released had looked like it would be one of them. However, it wouldn’t make sense if it was. Man is to error. I have to admit that the LED case idea was really brilliant. The fact that I can tell when someone is calling or when I have a notification even when my screen is facing down is exciting. The case comes with an app that is used to configure the display.

There are a lot of options to choose from. Whoever made this needs a raise. Users that have interacted with the new improvement have some complaints though. Apparently, the Galaxy S10 LED case turns off after being on for a while. Once the app controlling it is closed then the settings you set are somewhat forgotten. It’s sad really, they should have enabled it to access the case even from the background. Not to say that it’s easy but it’s Samsung we’re talking about. They’ve pulled off far more complex features. For example, the wireless charging feature which has fans going crazy. Its good to see that the wireless charging still works with the LED case still connected. At least they got a few things right.

I’m sure Samsung developers are at work trying to fix this issue, along with all the others. Let’s give them time to roll out an update to solve the current problem. Sometimes when one problem is solved, others arise. Let’s hope this won’t be the case here. Be sure that we will keep you posted on progress.