Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 in line for some very cool features

Samsung has proven time and again how good a company they are. With the production of high end phones such as the Samsung galaxy S9, they have become very popular. I was having a discussion with my friends about phones recently and I realized something. In a group of 10 people, 4 of them like Samsung. I was quite surprised seeing that I’m an Oppo man myself. However, you can take nothing away from Samsung’s recent performance. They seem to be getting better with age( much like the great Italian keeper Buffon).

What does Samsung have planned for us in 2019?

In CES 2019, Samsung showed how much they intend to achieve this year. They showcased a brilliant foldable phone technology that completely blew us away. I wonder, if they are already capable of this, what can’t they do? As is tradition, the Galaxy S10 will be released before the note version. Reports say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be superior in terms of features. This is actually quite obvious considering the Note 10 comes out in Summer. This gives the developers a lot of time to implement one or two new features.

5G technology

As companies rush to implement this hot new feature, the Galaxy S10 won’t have it. Some concepts had hinted that the developers were already capable of implementing it. But it seems they were inaccurate, subject to change as always. I think that’s becoming a bit of a cache phrase now. Could they implement it on the Note 10? They have at least 8 months to do it. In that time, I’m sure one of the other big shots will have beaten them to the mark.

Camera technology

We all know how good the Samsung cameras are. I once used the Note 8 to take a picture, it looked like it was taken by a camera. A real professional camera. And I felt like the professional. Recently, they bought an Israeli company. A move that aims to revolutionize how they place the sensors. Corephotonics, aims to improve the zooming aspect that has been so poor generally. Such an improvement will take them higher on the food chain for sure. I can’t wait to see it.