Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Users Experiencing Major Android Auto Issues

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Android Auto users have brought to light some major issues.

The Android maker just can’t seem to catch a break it seems. A few days ago it was the Android Pie glitch and Bluetooth connectivity issues. Now it looks like other problems have surfaced.

The latest problem users have encountered is an inability to connect Google’s in-car infotainment system with Samsung’s phone.

According to Galaxy Note 9 users, the issue occurs when they connect handset via USB. The screen becomes partially frozen for some time and then leaves a black bar behind on a blank screen. The navigation buttons become unresponsive after the screen and then disappear completely. Other users have also reported that they are unable to receive any texts on Android Auto while connected.

One user said online:

“Nav bar/buttons freezing and becoming unresponsive. Renders app unable to switch screens using the controls. Started a few days ago. Have uninstalled and reinstalled and done a bunch of troubleshooting,” the user wrote on the Android Auto user community.

Many Android Auto users have also complained that their app notifications are creating volume control problems after updating to Android Pie. Apparently the head unit knob is not returning to the original volume level it was at before the notification popped up.

“If I’m listening to the radio and I get a notification on my phone the notification sound will play through the speakers and turn down the radio so I can hear the notification. However once the notification is over it won’t turn the volume back up on the radio,” another user said.

The only solution that seems to be working so far is unplugging the phone from the USB cable. Restarting has also shown to be effective for some users. Google has reassured users on their Issue Tracker website that the problem has been fixed but hasn’t updated when it will be made available for use by the general public.

Some Android Auto users reported a few more issues including hearing a loud buzzing sound during calls made over Bluetooth. The issue was however tackled by Google last month.

No confirmed diagnosis for the problems has been discovered yet but speculation points towards the Google Play Services as downgrading to the previous Android Auto version did not work too well.