Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Facing Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

Just when Samsung was about to close the chapter on the Galaxy Note 9’s flaws, a number of Bluetooth issues have just resurfaced.

PiunikaWeb reports, “Back then, the complainants were suggested to upgrade their to-be paired devices to match up to Note 8’s newest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Cut to now, we are in the last quarter of this year, and the Note line up has leveled up to Galaxy Note 9. But Bluetooth issues just refuse to budge.

Bluetooth connectivity issue is a widely reported complain by Samsung Note 9 users, with complaints littered across discussion platforms online. While some of them experienced pairing their phone to their car’s head unit with Bluetooth as futile, others struggled in connecting with smartwatches, headphones and other Bluetooth gear as well.

A rundown of user complaints will give you a better understanding of the Bluetooth issue being reported;

  • My Note 9 is having problems pairing with my car (Prius) Bluetooth. Once paired, it is connected for call audio but not media audio. I tried reconnecting and the same issue comes up. I deleted my phone from my car Bluetooth and reconnected but still the same issue. After a few more attempts, the phone struggles to stay connected even for call audio. I thought these Bluetooth connectivity issues were already addressed since they were reported by Note 8 and Galaxy S9 users.
  • Having issues recently with auto-connecting to not only headphones and BT speakers but also to my Gear S3 – have to repair almost every morning
  • I have the same problem, but with 4 different Bluetooth devices (2 cars, stereo, headset), none of them work with the note 9, and all of them work with s6, s7 edge, and s8. Don’t tell me I need to update the Bluetooth devices when the fault obviously lies with the note 9. I have cleared the Bluetooth cache without any difference

There also are also several complaints related to Bluetooth calling acting up and showing network related errors;

  • I have the similar issue with my Note 9 and Toyota Prius 2016. They sync just fine, but when I try to make a phone call using voice dial or using car’s touch screen I get a message ” Out of cellular service area. Please try again later” I am in a service area and I have full bars.But if I use my phone to make the call instead of Toyotas interface it works just fine and I can enjoy a Bluetooth phone call. This happens all the time. My old Mate 8 had no issues.
  • Note 9 connects to car original car audio but no network on the system. And when I try to make calls from steering wheel control, it tells there’s no network. But when I dial from my mobile it works.

Samsung however, has been actively addressing the issue. But still there seems to be no progress on the issue as of yet and no updates to share at the moment.

We hope Samsung fixes the matter at hand as soon as possible and comes up with a solution to tackle whatever is causing the Bluetooth related issues.