Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Beats iPhone XS Max In Real World Battery Test


iPhone XS Max and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 are the biggest competitors in the market at the moment. Tech savvy individuals are always testing for which one is the most superior smartphone of them all.

YouTuber PhoneBuff took an iPhone XS Max and pitted it against a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone in order to see which would remain standing when being subjected to a battery torture test.

This being PhoneBuff, the test was conducted to try to accurately show how both the devices would be used in the real world, thus the testing comprised of various things  such as hour-long phone calls, an hour of emailing and web browsing and all other kinds of everyday tasks that we perform with our smartphones during  an average day. Just to make things as fair as possible, a robotic arm was used in the process to make sure that the test was fair. The display brightness and audio volume during the test were both set at the same level in both devices.

The end result of the test? Well, shockingly the fan favorite to win, the iPhone XS Max didn’t do so great and the Galaxy Note 9 was the clear winner by a big margin. It was to be expected to some extent given the difference in their battery capacity, with the iPhone’s battery of a 3174 mAh and the Galaxy Note 9 boasting a 4000 mAh capacity. The test also did not factor in the intermittent idle time, which is also more than likely to take up most of a smartphone’s daily usage.

Still, the way the iPhone’s battery just seems to run out and crowns the Galaxy Note 9 the clear winner makes for an interesting watch regardless.

Similarly another test was conducted by a vlogger Super Saf to battle out the speed aspect of the two phones.

He opened a bunch of apps and games from start and left them running in the background –something an average user would do with their phone during daily use, after all. Thus making the whole process more relate-able to the users.

Things start out well for Samsung’s phone and it seemingly beats the iPhone XS Max when it comes to the app load time. However, as the test progresses further and more apps are loaded into its storage it’s actually the Apple device which comes out on top. Towards the end of the test, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is taking twice as long to load some games as the iPhone XS Max.

And then you have the officially conducted tests, which are also extremely impressive, GizmodoChina reports:

“In the CPU, GPU, UX and memory tests of AnTuTu, the iPhone XS has respectively scored 133,561, 150,931, 66,474 and 12,559 which brings the total benchmarking score to 363,525. Most of the Android flagship phones powered by Snapdragon 845 chipset have scored around 290k on AnTuTu which shows how powerful the Apple A12 SoC is.”