Samsung Galaxy Note 10 renders starting to make way into the market

Over the past couple of years Samsung has really made some head way in the phone industry. Somewhere along the way they overtook Apple. A company that had previously been the most promising. When Steve Jobs was at the head of the organisation it took care of the users. The number one priority for them was to keep up with trends to keep users happy. This seems to have been adopted better by Samsung presently. We have seen them take away the notch technology that had previously looked like a constant standard. Although Oppo beat them to it by a whisker. Today we focus on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 renders that have made it onto the internet.

Samsung has just released their first flagship wave of devices. So far so good for them. We have mentioned the devices in a number of our articles, if you didn’t read them you could still do so now. It has become tradition for them to release the Note series late in the year. Most times in a bid to perfect the features they have in the works. For example the 5G capability that they have promised users. This feature is the future and they know it, be sure that they will do their best to make it happen.

The Galaxy Note 10 renders show that it will implement almost the same camera technology we’ve seen in the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus. Which is quite impressive according to the few reviews available as per now. However, we’ve already heard reports of a bug in the new flagship device. It isn’t exactly a bug but it is the only feedback available. It is about a white LED looking light that blink during calls. Reports say that it might be a proximity sensor. It makes sense if you ask me. But let’s wait for official word from the developers. The Galaxy Note 10 renders has fans on the edge of their seats. Be assured we will communicate developments in the story as the year moves along.