Samsung Galaxy Note 10 leaked specifications so far

Samsung is well among the major players in the phone industry right now. It might have not been that way at the beginning, but years of hard work and good service have made them what they are today. At the moment, I can’t choose between Samsung and Apple. Although the fact that Samsung recently released their first flagships of the year temps me to pick them. However, I don’t like their low-end devices. They focus more on the big guns and forget they still have users on the smaller side of things. Who would blame them for focusing on the finer things? I know I wouldn’t. Leaks concerning the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 have already began to surface.

Apparently they plan to begin massive production of their 512GB eUFS 3.0 flash modules. This would lead to great speed upgrades compared to the current eUFS 2.1 standards. I’m completely sure that users would appreciate an increase in speeds. In my Samsung days it reached a time when the device would deadlock for about ten seconds before executing the instruction given. This is what made me run away from the make. However, if the increase in speed is significant I just might consider moving back. Play your card right Samsung! The fate of a possible user hangs in the balance.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 leaked specification

According to reports, Samsung seem to have focused on increasing the memory capacity. The Samsung Galaxy S10 plus has a storage of up to 512 GB. It seems to me that this project had already started. They might just be using the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to somewhat perfect it. What would you do with 1TB of memory? I don’t think I could ever fill up that space on my device. The Galaxy Note 10 will supposedly be capable of housing such a huge storage space. I have no doubt that Samsung can do it, but let’s wait and see.