Samsung Galaxy Fold has a Game of Thrones edition

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was launched with a lot of flaws about it. And so Samsung had to roll back the release until it is stable enough for launch. This, however, has not stopped a Russian company from making a Game of Thrones edition of the device. The initial design was meant to look like a book. It was going to be able to fold in the middle to become a smaller screen. We all know that George Martin is working on another addition to the Game of Thrones series. It goes by the name The Winds of Winter’Personally, I had no problem with how the HBO show ended. But to the fans that didn’t like it, the book is going to have a very different ending. The Galaxy Fold has been made into the cover of the book.

The Galaxy Fold takes on a new look

The outer parts will have a gold themed design. From the featured image, you can get a rough picture of how it’s going to look. Apparently, the front will even have a map of the seven kingdoms. If you watched the series to the end, you know that in the end, it becomes the six kingdoms. It’s exciting that this might not happen in the book. I’m sure some if you will only want to know how it ends.

Caviar seems to have been very motivated to get a good Game of Thrones design. The leader of this project has to be a hardcore Game of Thrones fan. It’s sad news that we have to wait for the Samsung Galaxy Fold to launch again for this release to be available. However, it is available for pre-orders. Note that the Russian company designed a variety of looks for the Galaxy Fold. So if you are not a Game of Thrones fan there is still something for you.

The official launching price of the Samsung Galaxy Fold was $1980. To most people, this price was almost jaw-dropping. I wonder what they will think when they hear the price of this specific design. Naturally, it will be more expensive. And it goes for $8180. Russian customers can, however, get it for $7700. One has to be a real Game of Thrones fan to spend so much on a device that is already ‘overpriced’. According to reports, Samsung is testing a new version of the device with South Korean carriers. I hope it becomes more durable soon. Be sure that we will keep you updated on the progress.