Samsung Galaxy Fold finally making the headlines with awesome features

Since Samsung showed us their prototype of a foldable device at the CES 2019 there has been little follow up. However, it was only a matter of time till news started to sip in. Samsung is by far the only company that look like really implementing the feature. Other companies such as Xiaomi claim to have something similar in the works but we are yet to see proof. Not that we doubt their capabilities or anything like that, but the feature is not at all easy to implement. Personally, I wonder where the hinges will be and if they’ll be visible. Let’s look at the Samsung Galaxy Fold specifications as our main agenda.

What’s new on the Samsung Galaxy Fold?

Like the recently released Galaxy S series, the Samsung Galaxy Fold will have a dynamic AMOLED display. With this there will be no question of resolution. As we all know, Samsung seats pretty on top of the display food chain. However, it look like the device will be quite small with a 4.6 inch display. Their current flagship has approximately 6.4 inches of HD display. I am sure there is a reason for the difference in size. Maybe to implement the folding design the display has to be small. We will have a more accurate deduction with time.

The device incorporates a mysterious 7nm 64-bit Octa-core SoC. One that has not been seen before. We have all come to get used to the Snapdragon processor that’s been implemented in the recent releases. Including the Galaxy S10 Plus. RAM is matter many people take to be very important since it dictates how much of multitasking a phone can do. With 12GB of RAM, the Samsung Galaxy Fold will have all the multitasking abilities users expect from a Samsung high end device. Its internal storage is also very impressive going up to 512GB.

The battery on this device is also very impressive compared to predecessors. 4380mAh is as high as Samsung has ever gone in this aspect. Users can’t wait to take advantage. The only question left to answer is whether or not it will have 5G connectivity. It has not yet been clear if they will implement it but I’m sure the developers are working night and day to make it possible.