Samsung decides to reign in on Apples parade with the Galaxy Tab S5e

The iPad Pro has received a lot of positive reviews since it was released. As is with almost every Apple device. For some reason, there are always the base of reference. I tend to think it’s because they were the first ones to really make it. We can all agree that there is no other company with a bigger footprint. However, Samsung has been working extra hard to keep up with the pace. Recent reports suggest that they plan to release a tablet that resembles the iPad Pro design, Galaxy Tab S5e. The only difference will be the price of course.

Samsung’s products have always been affordable to the common folk. Their low end devices in particular are life savers for them. However, cheap products are as cheap in terms of quality. They never last that long. The Galaxy Tab S5e looks like it was designed to try and look exactly like the iPad pro. Did they do it on purpose? I wouldn’t be surprised. As I said in the beginning, Apple is always used as a base of reference. Users will however be forced to use the Android operating system. Although Android might be somewhat better than the iOS, some people feel safer in the confines of Apple OS.

Galaxy Tab S5e Features

The device will have a resolution of 2560×1600. This is quite impressive considering how attractive Samsung displays are with lower ratings. Snapdragon 670 was installed as the processor. We’ve seen devices with way better processors however, they should improve on this. In terms of RAM users will get an option of either 4GB or 6GB. I must say I already feel very comfortable with 3GB of RAM, I wonder how these will feel. Internal storage will either be 64GB or 128GB. Both of which are expandable. Like you need more space than that on a phone.

The rear camera is capable of taking 4K video. Something we’ve not seen in a lot of devices. I feel that taking a video with such a huge device will be a little weird though. The colors available will be gray and silver. For any comments, feel free to login then post in the section below.