RootlessJB Jailbreak for iOS 12/12.1.2 compatible with Filza file manager

No one likes following the rules. Growing up we had to be scared with a beating for us to behave. Come to think of it, the ones behind us are quite a softened generation. But that’s not the topic of discussion. Today’s report is about how rootlessJB has made a major leap in the right direction. The main reason not so many people have embraced it so far is because not a lot of apps are compatible with it. As we all know, a jailbreak is only as popular as the applications capable of running on it. Recently, Filza file manager has been updated to work with it.

However, there is a downside to this story. The rootlessJB that has been released so far is not intended for the public. A lot of features that should be somewhat obvious are not yet active. For example, most users will find it quite awkward to operate without a package manager. Although Apple is quite sensitive about security, devices that have used the rootlessJB are not entirely safe. Jailbreaking is quite a brutal act since it involves literally stripping off the iOS in use. This act can leave holes in the system. Holes hackers can take advantage of.

What’s new on the rootlessJB release?

After the release, fans of the jailbreak quickly downgraded from the iOS 12.1.3 back to the iOS 12.1.2. The reason for this is quite obvious if you have been reading our posts. The iOS constraints are too much for some of us, so we look for alternatives. RootlessJB is proving to be quite the go-to in recent times. However, the version is not yet really for public use. I hope over time more apps will be compatible with the jailbreak.

Making an application/software compatible to the rootless file system is no easy task. This requires a type of finesse few have. One that’s quite expensive if I may add. But we remain positive that improvements will continue to come. Feel free to express your thoughts about the jailbreak in the comment section below.