Rockstar aims to give lead role to female character in GTA 6

Rockstar has experienced a lot of success in the recent past. Their play in Red Dead Redemption 2 will have them feeling proud because of the game’s success. Open world games are often hard to develop because of intricacies such as weather and time of day. GTA is also a Rockstar product. Having played the game myself, I can attest to it’s brilliance. The overall dynamic feel experienced in GTA 5 is quite thrilling, even though the game is quite old it can still be played. Or rather, I can still play it. We won’t have to play the old version when they release GTA 6. Reports indicate that by 2022, the game will be available to gamers.

If I had such a successful franchise, I wouldn’t let go. We started playing GTA on PCs back when play station 2 was the biggest player in town. I remember I couldn’t afford to buy it so the computer was the only way. The game was so popular that players came up with cheat codes. GTA 6 however won’t have cheat codes. Game security since the GTA vice city days has become way better. GTA 5 was a success because it managed to be released on two generations of consoles. Shortly after that, the PC version came out. What I love about GTA is that it is never hard to find. Their developers truly understand how important portability is to a software.

The ideas Rockstar has for GTA 6, in terms of graphics and specifications make it clear that they have to target only the highest end. The Xbox One X and Play Station 4 Pro. Being superior in hardware specifications will work to the advantage of Rockstar developers. Futuristic graphics is quite hard to attain, constraints due to the limited hardware specifications of the Xbox One S and PS4 only make it harder.

Since I started playing the game, the character has always been male. GTA 6 aims to change this by introducing a female avatar. GTA 5 worked on switching between 3 characters, all of whom were male – Franklin, Trevor and Michael. Introducing one female among two men or vice versa shouldn’t be so hard. Honestly, I can’t wait to see the female character, it will help very much with developing a plot.