RoboRaise [MIT]: The robot that helps you lift objects

The world of Artificial Intelligence is growing as every day goes by. Very soon dreams such self-driving cars will come true. Alexa and Siri are very well known virtual assistants. However, they are not yet at the mark users were hoping they would be at now. These two make very useless robotic companions. I bet they can’t do even a simple thing such as passing the sugar. MIT is the home of all technology gurus. When people think about who will be the next Elon Musk or Bill Gates, they probably assume they will rise from the likes of MIT. Regarding the present problem with robotics, MIT has developed a robot that can lift things. The robot is meant to mimic human biceps. It goes under the name RoboRaise at the moment. Let’s wait and see whether it will lift off into something that matters.

MIT comes up with a new brilliant product

MIT has been involved in a lot of futuristic technology in the recent past. One of the highlights is RoboRaise. The machine is quite a spectacle. I guess the idea was to help users lift things. Heavy things would make more sense. Users are meant to wear EMG sensors on the arms in order to control the robotic arm. The robot tracks discrete arm movements. During a test of the device’s capabilities, it tracked around 70% of the total movements.

This is a ground-breaking discovery because finally, we might start to move towards automated systems. Instead of depending on the flawed human labor. Because anyway, man is to error. We’ve talked about this time and time again. The idea with the RoboRaise is to lift objects as you would with your friend. The machine is hence expected to be very intuitive.

The vision for this idea is for it to do more complex tasks as it evolves. Can you imagine a furniture lifting robot around the house? No longer will you have to hurt your back every time you need to move things around.

MIT is known to be the best University of technology. This means that a lot of companies are often just waiting for a good idea to fund. Furthermore, students are quite brilliant. Apart from Harvard, I doubt whether there is more sought after University. On the side of production, this new discovery could help a lot of companies reduce production costs. Since it will reduce the number of workers needed to move things around.