Revolutionary USB that adds Apple CarPlay/Android Auto to any car

We’ve seen how car technology has been developing in recent years. Thanks to companies like Apple and Google, the game continues to change. From the old radio on the dashboard that we used to know to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. An industry is judged solely on the strides it makes towards the future. I’d say that Apple and Google are one of the few companies in the world that are well into the future. Based on the number of patents concerning Apple projects in development, it is hard to argue otherwise. Today however we discuss the revolutionary USB that let’s you configure Android Auto or CarPlay.

Head units as we all know come in different shapes and designs. Although the number of cars being manufactured with default access is greatly increasing. If your car doesn’t have Android Auto capabilities, would you rather buy a whole head unit? I would assume this would cost you way more than just acquiring a simple USB. Sometimes I wonder whether technology’s growth curve will ever dip. A friend of mine told me to quit what I was smoking. I know I should have been offended in a perfect world but I laughed so loudly.

Requirements so that the USB performs its function

The head unit installed should be running Android 4.4.2 or later. The tech is built only on these versions because of intricacies in software requirements. It should also work with iPhone 5 or later. Furthermore, who even has a device that was before iPhone 5. I can’t even remember the model name. The unit must support touch screen or else it defeats the cause. Steering wheel controls are also very important in this whole dynamic. If you’ve used Android Auto before you understand exactly what I mean.

Reviews that have been stopped on the internet suggest that the USB works great. If you’ve used it feel free to tell us about it in the comment section.