Resident Evil 8: We might see it at E3 2019

I don’t know what it is about zombies that excite gamers. Capcom has been working on Resident Evil 8 and there could be good news. E3 will be happening next month and a lot of companies will be showcasing their work. Take Microsoft for example, they have to tell us about the Xbox Two(Anaconda). Fans will be looking forward to that in particular especially after the claims that it might be better than the PS5. Resident Evil 7 was a success, and fans of the game will definitely be looking forward to a new version. The first news about an upcoming new version started way back in 2017.

Could they have been waiting for the next generation of consoles before they take the console to the market? If that’s the case, I find such a move quite smart. Although it would be wise to make it compatible with other consoles as well.

The Executive producer of Resident Evil 7 says that he expects the new release to be a new beginning. However, the team seems to still want the game to be survival-horror. Of course, if it wasn’t like that then there would be no point to calling it Resident Evil. In fact, it would be dishonoring the name. All we could take in terms of direct information is the fact that characters will be overcoming difficult situations. However, he made it clear that things were going to change. Things that had looked to be unchangeable in Resident Evil 7 might take a turn for the worst.

Predecessors of Resident Evil 8 are known to be very action heavy. This is not going to be the case with the new release. The developers decided to focus on survival horror. There were reports suggesting that the game might be released in parts. This is because it is not about the story from the predecessors, it is more about remaking the whole sequel.

The end of Resident Evil 7 was a semi-cliffhanger. So surely there has to be some aspect of continuity. If not, then they should think about changing the whole title completely.