Resident Evil 3 remake is up to the users, says Capcom

Fans of the resident evil franchise will obviously be hoping for a Resident Evil 3 remake. Capcom in a recent report says that all they need to do is ask. In the software development world today, the user is equally as important as the developer. So if fans demanded for a remake, maybe they would get their way. As long as they pay I don’t see why not. Because in real sense it’s always about the money.

Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, Resident Evil 3 producer, told fans in an interview that they were the project’s driving force. Capcom apparently developed the Resident Evil 2 for so long because the fans fell in love. As I had said in the beginning, users are as important as developers in modern software development processes. In fact, applications such as Facebook now solely depend on users to tell them what they want. Resident Evil 3 fans were completely in love with the game. Always posting glitches for the game to improve on and creating communities to discuss up-gradable features. It will always be a pleasure to work with such a community because there’s love involved. There’s genuine interest and positive energy. Such factors are what build up to a wonderful production.

Resident Evil 2 remake performed really well in markets. At a time, it was ranked among the best-sellers. The whole concept of the plot was lovable. Most games fail when they make things easy for the player. Note that above 70% of gamers beat every game they face, I believe that this statistic has to change. We all know that nothing can be all good. The game got some heat because of some design decisions that came off as amateur.

They could remake any of their releases. Recent or old – Resident Evil: Code Veronica, the revolutionary resident evil, the list is long. So is it really up to the users? Time will tell.