Reports suggest AirPods 2 might be released on the 29th of March 2019

Apple has an amazing ability to juggle between development of a number of products. This is mostly because of the large workforce they command. Over the years, we constantly have news about an Apple development that is underway. Like recently we heard about the face recognition technology for cars that they were developing. It hasn’t even been a month and already we’re hearing about the release date for the AirPods 2. I can’t begin to explain to you how much I appreciate this technology. I have always hated the fact that earphones have to have annoying wires hanging down my neck. The fact that Apple took them away excites me and I’m not even an iPhone user. Imagine how they feel.

The Airpods have received a lot of reviews since they were released. No product doesn’t have haters, the point is how much love they get from those that are loyal. Over time, users have been giving their input about how they think the AirPods 2 should look. What features it should implement. I have to say that the possibilities are endless for a company as big as this one. Reports say that the Airpods 2 will be released at a function on the 28th of this month. Some other sources had informed that it would be the 29th but it’s hard to pick who to believe.

What new feature is on the AirPods 2?

We’ve all heard about Samsung’s wireless charging feature. This is quite a revolutionary step in the industry. The fact that I can transfer charge into a device without needing my charger answers quite a huge question in the world today. How would I survive without a charger? The Apple AirPods 2 also wish to implement this paradigm. Whether or not they copied the tech from Samsung is not clear. Nevertheless, the point is to keep the users happy. And I can guarantee that a hundred percent of the users will appreciate the feature.