Reports say that Apple’s iPad 7 will retain touch ID and headphone jack

One can’t say that Apple has been doing its best to keep its users happy. There was a time when you had an iPhone you were the coolest kid on the block. Now I see them everywhere. Not as much as I see Samsung though. It seems the Korean based company has been doing a lot more than them these past few years. Take the wireless charging technology for example. If you had asked me who would be first to establish this functionality 5 years ago I would have said Apple without a shadow of doubt. Now we continue to read about how the iPad 7 will keep most of the 2018 iPad features.

Reports so far indicate that the iPad 7 will still have Touch ID. This feature was meant to increase security. Something it achieved with optimum efficiency. I haven’t read even one review that dares to hate on the Touch ID implemented on the iPad. However, the developers recently improved the feature on the iPad pro 2018 model. It was replaced by the Face ID feature. Something everyone is trying to implement at the moment. This feature, however, will require the additions of some sensors to make it more efficient. A step Apple does not look to be making. But as we all know by now, all these facts are subject to change.

What will improve in the iPad 7?

So few we can only tell for sure that the device will receive minor upgrades to their internal components. Although I think the device is already well off in terms of RAM and ROM. The camera as well is not so bad. If it could handle the Face ID functionality then that just goes to show how good it is. However, Apple will have to do a lot better if the iPad 7 is to compete with the big shots this year. Supposedly, the device will be released with the iPad mini 5. We have published a few articles on the matter as well. Feel free to go to the links provided to access more of our content. Also, comments on the matter will also be greatly appreciated.