Reports of iPhone apps recording user screens without permission

Security is quite a touchy subject when it comes to the phone world. No one can ever be sure their information is ever really safe in today’s world. Hackers have proven that security systems the size of the Pentagon can be breached. Compared to that, hacking into my Instagram account is a piece of cake. iOS devices are known to be superior in this end. Furthermore, they have their own OS which makes it harder for any party to access data illegally. Well, such matters are usually hard to argue because a hacker is someone who will always find a way in. Even iPhone apps are vulnerable to a seasoned hacker.

Recent reports however have brought a lot of heat down on Apple. Supposedly, they have been recording user sessions on some of the iPhone apps. The third party application employed to make this possible is called Glassbox. Every action performed by the user is captured and recorded, actions right down to swipes and taps. Personally, I think this is a massive invasion of privacy. But some will argue and say that nothing is ever safe on your phone. Quite true considering the number of hackers out there.

Why are the iPhone apps recording the screens?

Apparently, the recordings are sent back to the company for studies as to how the users interact with the application. I suppose it is quite a great plan in terms of improving the service. But don’t the users need to know. I feel that a simple pop-up notification would suffice. A simple message that informs a user that the screen will be recording for a short time in a bid to improve the iPhone apps is more than enough. I wouldn’t mind, but when I hear about it from an article then I get angry.

Companies like Air Canada have been heard to have been using Glassbox. To think they take screenshots of personal details such a one’s passport number and credit card is infuriating. The practice apparently is in line with all of Apple’s privacy policies. In my opinion, I think Apple should revise this. Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.