Release date of the ‘all digital’ Xbox One S rumored to be quite close

Xbox has been of quite a good service over the years. Since the first release they have been on an upward curve that isn’t plateauing any time soon. The only competition for them is Sony’s PlayStation. For a field with so many users, having one competitor is really a plus. Not to say that these are the only gaming consoles available in the market today. There are still ideas such as the Nintendo available. This product has also been in the industry for long but I’d pick the Xbox over it any day. Today we discuss the Xbox One S in the making.

In the near past we published an article about an Xbox patent that described the pads as touch screen. So far, there hasn’t been more proof that this will be brought to life. The feasibility of the improvement doesn’t seem to be really worth it if you ask me. According to how often users drop the controllers I don’t think a touch screen one will survive that long. Not unless gamers practice being careful. An art that may take them forever to learn. Whereas the Xbox One S is just around the corner.

Xbox One S improvements

Reports indicate that the console will be doing away with the Blue-ray disc drive. A feature that they have maintained since the beginning. However, with the coming of reliable internet everywhere this feature has to go. Microsoft seems to have been planning for this for a while now. It’s a wonder this news is only reaching us now. We should have even been able to guess this feature as likely. The taking away of the drive will make the console cheaper. Games will have to be accessed online and downloaded. This feature is already active for demos and a few games that keep up with the times. A digital subscription service will be charged in place of the game fee. This way pirating will be made harder and the service providers will have more control over the machine. Are we seeing another Apple in the making? Let’s wait for the Xbox One S to launch then we can judge based on raw facts.