Redmi Pro 2 coming with the Snapdragon 855 chipset

Xiaomi has been on a very steep slope up. Over a short time, they have amassed quite a following. The Chinese based company is known to offer very good features at really affordable prices. The features a certain Samsung offers can be mirrored in a Xiaomi device and still be way cheaper. China has one of the largest populations in the world. Because of this, the market is often flocked with many phone models. Some of which even I have never heard about. High chances are that it will stay like that. Redmi was one of the first models of Xiaomi. The phones weren’t that good at the time but we all have to start somewhere. Now that the Redmi brand broke off into a lone entity, it has started releasing flagships. Redmi Pro 2 is the upcoming release that promises to be quite a catch.

Redmi Pro 2 set to rock your world

The time a phone takes to perform certain actions says a lot about how users will respond to it. A slow phone will always be frustrating and in the end, hated. A company with hated products has no future, not unless they are willing to change that. Supposedly, the Redmi Pro 2 will feature a Snapdragon 855 chipset. This goes to show that actions will be performed as fast as possible. Few chipsets come close to this one’s 7nm rating. Another feature that might interest users is the pop-up selfie. This has started becoming quite common with the OnePlus 7 also joining the team. Having a pop-up selfie camera means that there will be no space for a notch design.

As we all know, the technology world moves quite fast. And the current trend might not be the trend in December of this year. But currently, no one wants to see a notch. Samsung, Oppo among others have already evolved into punch-designs and full HD respectively. The Redmi Pro 2 seems to be following suit but not exactly. At least they have their own design that does not include holes. A 48Mp camera is also in the books for this device. Since they have already achieved this in a previous release, it is not that exciting. What is exciting is an in-display fingerprint reader. No longer will there be a touchpad at the back of the device to pick up the fingerprint. I like how future-oriented the design is and can’t wait for the official release.

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