Reddit under some heat as they launch the ‘loli’ crackdown

Adult content has become quite a touchy subject in recent times. Tumblr is among the list of companies that have struggled with this paradigm. We’ve seen reports of others coming up with algorithms to check the content. In a bid to filter out adult content, complex algorithms are put to play. However, it is rare to find one that works completely perfectly. As it is with all things. Tumblr’s war with this matter has almost put them out of business as their users look for alternatives. Youllo is among the new platforms that have cropped up. Reddit seems to have joined Tumblr in this risky venture. Will the y survive what Tumblr couldn’t? Time will tell.

Immorality is something hard to dispense out of an already flawed community. Reddit boasts of having quite a huge user-base. Facebook is the only company I know of with a bigger following. This means that the situation for them is even harder because the backlash is quite intense. Furthermore, no one likes to be controlled. People like to be free to enjoy whatever it is that makes them happy.

Reddit Launches ‘loli’ crackdown

‘loli’ refers to a depiction of little girls as sex objects. Those familiar to the anime world know exactly what I’m talking about. Some of these anime depict small girls as being attractive. This is something Reddit cannot stand. The photos of the drawn characters doing rounds have already been marked. However, this annoys some users that feel judged because of their preference. I guess what Reddit is trying to say is that it is not the platform that fuels such rotten likes. Furthermore, there are kids that use the platform. Thanks to the modern society, they also have to be factored into such discussions.

Personally, I am for the crackdown idea. I believe the day we stop controlling content is the day we lose control over the internet.