Realme to bring app drawer in next Color OS 6 update

Android OEMs in china know exactly what their Asian customers are looking for. Seeing that most of their user-base is Asian, they know exactly what they want. Display is on of the things this community does not take lightly. With competition from Asian companies getting stiffer and stiffer, the likes of Oppo(uses Color OS) have learnt the niche. However, most of them use Apple as a reference point since it sells a lot there. Could the fact that a lot of people are trying to mimic Apple be the reason for their poor performance in 2018? I think not, I think the only people to be blamed for that is the Apple team themselves for not keeping up with their standards.

On the side of softwares, there is something companies like Huawei, Xiaomi and Lenovo have in common. They lack the app drawer. I would presume that the iOS has this feature seeing that everyone wants to copy their design. By the app drawer functionality I mean that there is a specific button to lead you to the apps. Most of the mentioned OEMs above often show their apps on the home screen. This seems to be quite unconventional seeing that most users expect the app drawer functionality. The feature enforces a sort of simplicity in use. Therefore, I think implementing the new feature is a step in the right direction.

Who is Realme?

Realme, a subsidiary of OPPO has been on top of the reports of the color OS implementing the app drawer. Madhav Sheth, their CEO has confirmed that the app drawer will be among the features included in the new color OS update. Aside from the default way of things, there is a way to include the app drawer manually. Various personalized Launchers are available for download in the store. For Android users, most of them are free but the really good one offer a limited trial period. Upside being the availability of the app drawer along with other features the color OS might miss.

Currently, Realme devices are running the Android 8.1 Oreo with the ColorOS v5.2. The company promises the feature will be rolled out by August.