PUBG Mobile to roll out a new Zombie Mode feature, trouble for Fortnite?

First person games have always been my all time favorite. I’m sure a lot of gamers out there are like me. Games such as Call of Duty and Fortnite are where its at in the industry right now. We all know about the sequel Call of Duty. There hasn’t been many as successful. It’s a shooting game that has evolved with the times in terms of battle technology. If you ask me, no one hasn’t played this game. However, PUBG is our base of interest in this article. The game has made major strides since it was released. So far it has amassed quite the following.

Since it’s release, the game has rolled out a few updates that have helped please the users. First of all, the game is a form of Battle Royale that is online. By this I mean a player faces off against other players around the world and the toughest will survive. It is very enjoyable when you play with a team consisting of your friends. Another juicy part of PUBG is the fact that you can communicate with teammates via a microphone. I was playing this game around my parents the other day and they thought I was on a really long phone call. How times have changed.

PUBG roll out new Zombie Mode feature

Among the updates PUBG has rolled out in the time it has been in the market is night mode. At first, it was day time all the time. But after some complaints from users that the game wasn’t realistic enough, they introduced the night mode. Recently, there has been talks that the new Zombie Mode will be rolled out late this month.

Are you tired of the constant arcade mode we’re all used to? Get ready for the Zombie Mode. This sounds familiar to gamers that have played Call of Duty. Have they copied the coveted sequel? Well if they have it’s good. At least now the game is growing. This feature will only make the game bigger than the 2 GB of memory it’s already taking up on my device. But oh well, it’s a small price to pay for such finesse. Feel free to leave a comment about the game in the comment section below.