PUBG mobile seems to be uniting not just gamers, but lovers too

We all know how Battle Royale games are taking over the industry. Games like Fortnite are almost hands down the fan favorite. Honestly, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t played Fortnite. If by any chance there’s one who hasn’t, we’re not friends any more. The fact that gamers can face each other while at different parts of the world is quite exciting. I’m yet to get over it. PUBG is also a Fortnite kind of game for mobile devices and PC. Actually they are so alike that there has been a lawsuit filed by PUBG accusing Fortnite of using their code. How true this is, I don’t know.

PUBG is basically a shooting game where you hunt other players and kill them to survive. Once you shoot down an opponent, you can take whatever the player had collected. Guns and armor can be collected from buildings. Even ammo and clothes for the newbies. For me, the most precious item to collect is the scope. A scope is what guns use to zoom into a target. With an 8 scope, one is almost untouchable.

Is PUBG bringing together lovers?

Another feature I like on PUBG is the fact that one can converse with teammates or whoever else is online at the time. Reports indicate that a couple in Egypt have gotten engaged thanks to the game. Nourh-al-Hashish posted on his Twitter handle that they started by playing the game together and now they are engaged.

The tweet went viral because of the PUBG fans all over the world. It’s quite romantic when a gamer marries a gamer. Will arguments be settled over a FIFA match? I envy this man. All the girl friends I have ever had hate it when I play video games. They somehow equate it to being lazy and irresponsible. I am still trying to wrap my head around it. Leave comments in the section below to convey your thoughts.