PS5 and GTA 6 release dates set for 2020

Gaming fans are quite an alert society. Alert in terms of knowing when the next big thing will come out. And we all know that the next big thing in the gaming industry is always the next generation of consoles. Over the years, Sony and Microsoft have not failed us. They have kept coming up with high, hig-end devices that have performed really well in the market. Take the Xbox one for example. Microsoft is still releasing models of the console that came out around the same time with the PS4. Sony have also pumped up the PS4 in recent time, coming up with the PS4 Pro that has way better graphics. Although it is kind of hard to even tell the difference. Our topic of dicussion today, however, is the PS5 and GTA 6. Apparently, there is word that the two might be coming out next year.

2019 has come with a lot of improvements in the tech industry. The phone industry for one has represented very honourably. With companies such as Samsung and Huawei keeping the good fight going. Big shots Apple are still gathering their bullets. However, some concepts have shown the iPhone 11 might be a force to reckon with. PS5 and GTA 6 are products the gaming universe will have their eyes and ears on. I’m confident the best news you could give a gamer right now is the PS5 coming out this year. Even though this would have been awesome news, it is quite impossible. With E3 coming up, you would expect Sony to come and talk about its upcoming console. You’ll be sad to hear that Sony is skipping the whole event. Meaning we won’t hear about the PS5 for a while.

With no official news from the company, no one can be sure of the specs that the console will have. All we have now is speculation and random guesses from fans. Although stories like the PS5 offering backward compatibility are still believable. This one feature might be the selling point of the whole console. But with the new Google Stadia coming to town, the hardware aspect of gaming may be taken away completely. I mean that Google Stadia aims to bring PS$-like gaming to users without having them buy a special piece of hardware. They plan on hosting the whole thing on Google Chrome. Quite a crafty idea if you ask me. But will it really knock consoles off the board? Only time will tell.