PS5 features leaked thanks to an official Sony image

The gaming industry has been bracing itself for the next generation of consoles for a while now. The ultimate war between Sony and Microsoft still continues. However, there have been rumors suggesting that the Xbox Two might be more powerful than the PlayStation 5. The validity of this statement is yet to be proved. And with Sony missing out on E3, we thought we’d never get to find out. But Sony’s PS5 features are still somehow getting onto the internet. Seriously, what would we do without leaks? Since April, there has been a continuous flow of leaks about the PlayStation 5. The most recent one seems to confirm what we had believed since the start. The console is going to have a very impressive graphics rendering speed. Something that gamers would really appreciate. But will this be enough to beat ‘Anaconda‘?

PS5 features

Above is an image representation of the new PS5 features. Among them is the inclusion of an all-new CPU and GPU. This way the console will be comfortable playing big games like GTA 6. Rockstar games have made it clear that the game will be quite large and will not play in the current generation of consoles. Hence the improvements. An SSD storage will also be included in a bid to reduce loading time. No one likes sitting down looking at pictures while games load. Well, this might be taken away with this new storage.

Backward compatibility has been talked about since the start of these stories. This feature will have PS4 games playing on the new console. I’ve been doing some research on this and apparently, most people think that Sony will make some losses. Wouldn’t people just buy the much cheaper PS4 games and play them in the PS5 console? However, this begs the question of why the user bought the console in the first place. And anyway, not a lot of people consider the games overpriced.

8K resolution is expected to be mind-blowing on large screens. With 4K resolution already as clear as it is, I wonder how much better we can do. All these features are expected to make the console much better. Furthermore, the GPU is set to support ray tracing. A feature real gamers will be happy to see.

We saw the story of Nintendo Switch sales overtaking the PS4 sales in Japan. As little as this matters in the larger picture, it is still a sign that the PS5 is long overdue.