Programming Languages that will earn you the most

Anyone that says programming doesn’t know what he or she is talking about. Programming is an art of sorts, mathematics spoken in English-like notation. A thing of beauty really. Most people in the tech world can’t ever seem to choose which programming languages to learn and which one not to. At the end of the day, you end up knowing just the syntax of a lot of languages. And yet dare to say that you are a programmer. Is knowing a little bit of everything really an opponent to mastering one art to perfection, one language? In this field, this is a tough question. Because in most jobs one is required to be very versatile. However, I still believe that every coder needs an identity. Something to keep the passion going. Money can not always be the motivator.

Programming Languages ins and outs

To say the truth, Programming can be a real pain. Some bigs can take you days to solve. Imagine sleepless nights just to end up finding out that you missed one semi-colon somewhere. It’s quite frustrating. There are a lot of programming languages out there – Java, PHP, Python, Javascript. And there are a lot more. Java developers have been very much on demand in recent times. This has caused their salaries to be on the up and up as a result. Averagely, a java developer is paid approximately  £63,700. According to the data, this value might go up to £70,700 soon. Furthermore, this language has perks such as Object-orientation that makes it very powerful.

Full-stack development has also been a lucrative place to be. Here, PHP is a fine tool. This language helps a lot in the backend of things. The frontend side of things has never been that complex. So most junior developers start here and ultimately a lot of people possess this skill. They earn averagely £53,500. Actually, this is still very good pay. I think I should consider being a full-stack developer. But I’ve tried PHP already and it was no fun. The problem is that the syntax of the language makes it so long. And we all know that long code is prone to many errors.

Data science is another field that has slowly been gaining recognition. These developers are mainly armed with Python. This programming language is said to be able to do anything. Furthermore, it has plenty of data sets that assist a lot in representing and manipulating data. With python, people can even draw graphs to represent some numbers in a table. And the regression theory makes it possible for it to make predictions as well.

Personally, I enjoy Java for its object orientation. It makes things a lot easier. Furthermore, you just read that they are the highest paid developers we’ve talked about here. The decision of which path to choose is your own. However, make sure to read a lot and do research on the subject.