Poco representative urges PUBG developers to fix their notch compatibility

2018 was a year full of surprises. From Croatia reaching the world cup final, to the Android community embracing notch technology. This saw the introduction of improvements such as the notch gates. Nokia 6.1 Plus went to the extent of enabling a blacking out setting. Nevertheless, all good things do come to an end as talks of notch less technology grow.

PUBG mobile, a game that has revolutionized the online mobile game franchise. It is a first person shooting game that enables players to connect and play on the same field. Furthermore, friends on Facebook can be teammates and face off against other teams all over the world. Just from the comfort of your couch. Many of you have heard of Fortnite, consider PUBG to be a sort of mobile Fortnite. There has even been a lawsuit filled by PUBG. They claimed Fortnite copied some of the code. Yes, they are that similar.

Recent reports indicate that PUBG has not been playing well with display notches. OEMs like Xiaomi, Nokia or OnePlus developed their own optimizations. Google however had to come up with a standardized Android codebase. PUBG developers have been really active considering they just released an update. In the recent update, they introduced night mode to make the game more realistic.

Poco F1 users seem to be lead reporters on this matter. With reports of bugs with the notch after Tencent Games posted the new update. The head of Pocophone Global, Alvin Tse, has been forced to intervene and request Tencent games to do something. Therefore, the major problem is Google’s requirements about notches in Android Pie.

What is being done?

A recent tweet show a user posing the same question to PUBG Mobile developers. The Twitter community of users with this problem is assembling on one of the complaint threads to raise their voices. XDA  reached out to google for a comment on the matter. Their response was simply that there is no Google requirement that prevents phone companies from adding a notch hiding option. Like what was on the Nokia 6.1 plus. Sadly, it was disabled.