PlayStation 5 at the top of Sony’s priorities as the release date beckons

Sony has long dominated the gaming industry with the PlayStation console. PS4 Pro is the recent release that gamers are enjoying. Topped up with games like Fortnite, who wouldn’t enjoy the experience? However, Sony have had very little to say about their next generation of PlayStation. Fans have been doing much of the talking for them with plenty of concepts about the PlayStation 5 already available.

Word from Sony is that they still have games intended for the PS4. This is sort of good news considering the date for the PlayStation 5 has been rumored to be around 2020. Gamers need something for now, games will have to suffice for the time being. Game developers are however reluctant to release new games because of the limited hardware specifications on the PS4 Pro. Everyone would like to be among the first to make games for the PlayStation 5. I’m quite sure some already have or are well into the process of doing so.

There are however some areas I feel Sony could improve on:

Open World Games

With improved hardware specifications, open world games such as God of War would look much more realistic. I can’t wait to see the improvements that will be brought about by the new technology. Most of these games are often one player. The sort of games you play alone. Because of this fact, such games should be made more realistic.

Online Aspect

Gamers have really taken to online games such as Fortnite. I mention this game so much because it defines the online revolution. Imagine a better version of Fortnite on the PlayStation 5, in my head it looks like the best game ever made. But let’s not jump to conclusions. GTA also joined the online line up. A game we though will always be the simple game we used cheat codes on back in the day. How time flies.

Clearly, there is a lot of room for growth. Since the release date is still far from dawning, I believe we will have much more to say on the matter in future.