PlayStation 4 Crashing Bug Issue: Here Is How To Fix It

An alarming issue was discovered by PlayStation 4 owners recently when their game console systems bricked up after receiving a message containing a bunch of symbols.

The bug is causing users to lose both their games and consoles. The situation was first identified by two players, Rainbow Six: Siege” and “Destiny 2, who were among the first ones to encounter the bug.

The message is being sent to a lot of unsuspecting PlayStation 4 consoles from dummy accounts. Deleting the message seemed to have had no effect at all on the bricking problem. And factory resetting causes data loss.

A statement released by Sony on the issue said, “We are aware of the situation and are planning a system software update to resolve this problem.”

Prevention Solution:

You can prevent the problem from affecting you by setting your messages to private after deleting the message first.

First step is to go to Settings>Account Management>Privacy Settings>Personal Info and Messaging, and then setting Messages to private.

The most efficient way to delete the message is through the PS Messages app on your phone, or visit to view and delete the message. Then click on the option “Leave Group” here. The website is the best approach as it will not set off the bug that could be waiting to infest the console.

After the message is deleted successfully, the next step is to reboot the PlayStation 4 in safe mode. Turn off the game console, and then keep holding the power button for seven seconds. A beep will be heard and you’ll be able to see the safe mode menu.

Then choose the “Rebuild Database” in safe mode. If all goes as it should, the PlayStation 4 should restart safely and you should now have access to all the games and saved data.

Sony is no doubt working on a software fix for the bug, until then these prevention tips should help keep your PlayStation 4 safe.