Photos of Meizu Note 9 finally start to leak into the internet

Meizu has not been in the market for as long as Samsung or Apple. I am yet to see anyone around me with this phone. But I hear the specs are quite good. Their small community has slowly been growing as their services strengthen over the years. Recently, Meizu Note 9 specifications started to leak into the internet. Since their fan base is not yet as active as the rest, we’ve not heard a lot of buzz surrounding this product. However, the device promises to serve users well. Meizu is known to adopt fresh technology in their devices, nothing less is expected on the Note 9.

Supposedly, the Meizu note 9 will implement various new technologies. For example, it has a 48 MP shooter on the upper left corner. The phone I’m using now supports 13 MP and you should see how awesome photos it takes. I can’t help but imagine how good pictures will look taken from a 48 MP camera. Reports say that the phone may feature Samsung’s GMI camera sensor.

In terms of processors, we’ve seen the likes of Samsung S10 being rumored to have the Snapdragon 855. Compared to this, Meizu won’t really compare if they implement the Snapdragon 675 as planned. At first, reports had indicated the device would have the Snapdragon 6150. Little did I know that this was a mere nickname. Meizu Note 9 promises optimum power performance with a 4,000mAh battery. Their recent releases have never come close to this value. Is this a sign of their breaking away from the competition? I think they should focus more on marketing their products.

I asked a classmate of mine whether they’ve heard of the Meizu Note 9, the answer I got was quite funny. My friend had never heard of such a company. Furthermore, he didn’t even know I was talking about a phone. The company should do better in marketing because no matter how good a product you develop, you need as many customers as you can get.