Phones on the line-up for the Android P update expected this 2019

Android updates are always quite hard to predict. Most devices however use older versions of Android for some reason. Like the device I have now is running the Android 6 version. A version that has received at least two updates so far. Devices that get the really recent updates have to the flagship devices for the company. This article today will highlight devices that are set to receive the Android P update.


Google being the owner and creator of Android, of course the Pixel devices will have the update. Being the originator of the Android OS comes with a few perks when dealing with it. It is much easier for google to build devices compatible with the new OS seeing that it is their house. We all know the phrase, it means that all other devices come second when it comes to rolling out the Android P update.


With their new flagship devices, no one else runs more devices with the Android 9.0. When the Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 plus and Galaxy S10e launched the update came inbuilt into the devices. No update can be expected of a Samsung flagship. If Apple was running on Android, we’re 100% sure it would be second or third on this line-up. Maybe even first.


Although it’s becoming clearer each day that their era might be over, they continue to fight. It is safe to assume that the Sony devices that are to be released this year will run the Android P update. It goes without saying.


Now known more as being on the fore-front of 5G technology, no way they would be left out of this race. I’m sure the android update is a big part of working the 5G module. The tech intricacies that come with implementing a new network can only be solved by improving the software specifications. One way of doing this being running a well improved operating system.

As reports keep on coming in, we will keep you posted on updates. Feel free to convey your thoughts in the comment section below.