Patent shows Google Pixel 4 will be notchless

We have seen Google Pixel take the camera world by storm with it’s recent releases. Major players in the game like Apple’s iPhone X still rule but the low-end affordable Apple phones can’t compare. With $800, you can comfortably afford the Google Pixel 3. Boasting with specifications such as:

  • 4 GB RAM
  • 5.5″ display with a screen resolution of 1080 * 2160 pixels
  • Android version 9.0
  • 2915 mAh battery

Recent patent reports say that Google might completely ditch their ‘ugly’ notch. Supposedly, the Google Pixel 4 will have a clean display, devoid of any notch technology. Oppo, the Chinese based company, has also ditched their notch. Is this a trend in the industry? Will the likes of Apple and Samsung follow suit? Time will tell. Fans all over the world appreciate the new design. A full HD screen completely revolutionizes the user interface. I can’t wait to see this on the new Google Pixel 4.

This is actually the second patent describing Google Pixel 4 as notch less. It showed two speakers – one on top, another on the bottom. For gamers, this is highly convenient. Unlike Apple that is facing a dilemma over which camera technology to employ, Google Pixel 4 maintains their single camera sensor. This patent however doesn’t show a headphone jack on the top or bottom.

Patents are always lacking in detail. Some can be as simple as drawings without any renders or videos. The recent one however seems to have been derived from CAD models. The illustrations are not followed up by the exact product all of the time. But based on the fact that Oppo already went notch less, these reports seem valid. Samsung spoke about deployment of panels that include both camera and depth sensors under the display.

The notch less design is a revolution in the phone technology. Oppo leads the race with their Oppo F9. Will the rest follow? Can’t wait to see!