OnePlus 7 showing real promise as users await

In order for a phone to make the headlines this year, it has to be a real stunner. A lot of devices have been released since the start of the year. But very few have been given the hype that comes with being a good make. The hype behind the Samsung Galaxy S10 was completely expected. Having the name Samsung in itself is enough to make the headlines. But companies such as OnePlus don’t have the multi-billion marketing plans Samsung has. This goes to prove how in the end Samsung always seems to come out on top. However, I still believe that a good product will be noticed even in the dark. The OnePlus 7 is their much anticipated 2019 flagship. Will it be able to challenge the likes of Huawei P30? Only time can tell.

OnePlus 7 new features

The renders that are on the internet as we speak show a very attractive design. However, the device is more than just the outside look. Apparently, it will feature a triple rear camera and a pop-up selfie camera. The triple rear camera is still impressive considering not everyone has it. But since we’ve seen it before, it is not really that exciting. The pop-up camera, on the other hand, is a bold move that I figure was a way to kick out the notch. Notch-less designs are becoming quite common this year. Users enjoy a full-screen view of the display. So I find this to be a good play. A notch-less OnePlus 7 looks more attractive than any device with a notch to me. Even the iPhone XS Max does not compare.

Another improvement to the device is the fact that the sim card slot was moved to the bottom of the device. Conventionally, I have seen this slot either at the top or the sides of a device. Never have I seen one that places it at the bottom. Is this a marketing technique? Humans are a very visual creature, slight visual variants can be the difference between buying one product and the other. Let’s hope the OnePlus 7 does well to attract customers. We need to take attention off the phone models that have been monopolizing the market. To do this, companies like this should up their game considerably.

The USB-C was also spotted from the renders. I’m not sure whether this is a good move but there have been stories suggesting this dynamic to be better. Let’s assume this is relative and wait patiently for the release.