OnePlus 7 release date: The phone may launch around May / June

Fans will always want to get news about a product they’re interested in. It’s like watching a series, once you get a whiff of a good story you will want to follow it to the end. Take Samsung for example, there have already been rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S11. And yet the phone is almost a year away. Same to how people can’t stop thinking about how the iPhone 11 is going to look. Are they going to change the design? Is the camera really going to be a quad camera? The questions that have been raised are even too many to be answered. Some come with a pinch of salt while others try to be realistic. However, we haven’t heard much about the OnePlus 7 release date. Is it that the company is not big enough or are their products just not that good?

OnePlus 7 release date rumored to be quite close

I have had experience with a OnePlus device and I have to say that it was a good experience. Like other Chinese companies, they offer very good specs for an affordable price. Offering a good alternative to the community that thinks Apple devices are overpriced. It seems that the community was quite big, based on how sales for Apple in Asia have plummeted in recent times. They closed the year 2018 at a bad place compared to previous. It doesn’t exactly mean that they didn’t make profits. Apple is almost a monopoly, them making losses is almost impossible. Furthermore, American users support them completely.

The OnePlus 7 release date is not something that has not come up in discussions. While doing research about the device I gathered that most of their past devices were released around May and June. Fans are on high alert waiting for any developments on the story. One of the models that the OnePlus 7 will have is said to be 5G. In the market right now this would be a very good addition to their arsenal. However, this is just speculation and all these details are subject to change. The release date seems to be quite a good approximation, however.

We all know that Apple devices are released in September, or around that time. Apple has made a habit out of doing this. Maybe OnePlus also wants to establish a routine. The little things are what distinguish men from boys. Beating deadlines and keeping promises is something any good teach company should be able to do. Question is, is OnePlus up for it?