OnePlus 7 may feature HDR streaming out of box

Android, after many years of dedicated service, have gained a lot of popularity. Most phone users around the world have an Android operating system. Furthermore, most phone companies have embraced their technology. OxygenOS, is a new in-house operating system that OnePlus is developing. This is shocking to the android community because of worries such as optimization. Is this a good move? Time will tell. The company will be releasing the OnePlus 7 later this year. Big shots such as Apple and Samsung will obviously have cutting-edge designs to the iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy S10.

Controversy is something big companies like OnePlus should be used to by now. The Android community was obviously not happy to hear of the ‘betrayal’. But after they hired most of the Android team to develop the OxygenOS, talks subsided. Most OEMs generate revenue by bundling bloatware. Its an open secret, welcome to the new world.

Recently, Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus posted a thread. He wanted users to vote about an app stub for HDR streaming. This feature would obviously be implemented on the OnePlus 7. Stubs are fundamental in distributing bloatware. Doing this often known to cause some ripple effects onto the UX. Users will obviously not enjoy this. The representative however mentioned that the developers were aware of the repercussions and would do their best to avoid them.

Can they really do it?

To perfectly implement this system they would have to make us of the upcoming 5G tech. There has been a lot of talk about who will implement the technology first. We already know that Samsung is out of the race based on recent concepts. Netflix, the biggest streaming providers doesn’t support HDR10 on any OnePlus phone. Featuring an out of box application is quite hard. But not impossible. Remember that these facts are subject to change. I believe that OnePlus will give Samsung a run for their money this year, watch and wait.