One Plus’s revolutionary work profile feature has some bugs

One Plus has been making huge strides to better their services in recent times. In a bid to keep up with big shots Apple and Samsung.┬áRecently, we had a post about One Plus being rumored to be lead in the race to 5G capability. We all know how the consumers can’t wait for the feature to be released. However, will they really do it? Instead of debating about possibilities, let’s talk about something we know. The work profile bug on One Plus. Some are convinced the bug is related to the android pie. There’s a post on twitter where a user clearly describes that his problem began when he upgraded.

We all know the multiple user functionality we see on PCs. The one where there’s an administrator, multiple users and the option of a guest. This feature helped a lot of people because this way kids can’t mess with work stuff while playing games. Say for example you created a user named ‘games’, for the kids to play their games on. Whatever they mess around with while they play won’t affect the other users. This paradigm has helped a lot of organisations operate properly. Normally when people are given laptops at workplaces they’re told not to put any personal stuff. Like for example music or movies. But I find this overly bureaucratic because honestly speaking, who can survive without music?

Bug reports about the work profile on One Plus

It seems the accidentally broke the functionality as they upgraded to Android 9 Pie. Actually, this is quite common. In software development, a very critical feature the software should have is portability. By this I mean the ability to function on various platforms. Apparently, the work profile on the device keeps crashing out. Reports indicate that this happens whenever users try to install a enterprise mobility management app. The app intended to manage work place systems. This being quite a touchy aspect of functionality, I bet their developers are on toes.

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