Official Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ wallpapers ready for download

Display is a very huge part of why I would decide to buy a certain device. If it doesn’t look right, then it’s not for me. Most recognized companies have mastered the art of resolute displays in a bid to attract my kind. The kind that appreciates quality UI. With their new AMOLED display, Samsung is set to lead the display world in this field. Apple has been hot on their heels but have never managed to catch up. We saw iPhone XS Max lose the comparison competition to the Galaxy S10 Plus mainly because of the new AMOLED display. Now you can even download Galaxy S10 wallpapers since they’ve become so popular.

For those users that like colorful displays, these new wallpapers will definitely rock your world. I am of a somewhat Gothic preference and so Zedge will remain to be my go-to. Zedge is an application on the app store that allows you to download HD wallpapers. Actually, you can download notification sounds and ringtones as well. Again I would like to point out that Samsung should give more support to their low end devices. If for example you compared the themes on the Galaxy S10 plus with the ones on the J series, you’d see what I mean.

However, it is good to count their wins more than their losses. The new wallpapers that are available are quite brilliant. The color scheme is very attractive. We will even give a link to where you can download Galaxy S10 wallpapers. No one likes default wallpapers but I have to say that Samsung has outdone itself this time. If by good luck I buy their flagship device, I just might retain the default wallpaper. The wallpapers might not look the same on other devices as it would look on the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus but when has that ever stopped us.