Nintendo Switch developers working hard on an operating system

We were all present in the game boy days. Having one was so cool those days. Guys with mothers like mine never owned such stuff however. My neighbor Brian had it, I’m sure there were days he thought of chasing me away. This industry has really grown. Even past the once coveted PSP, sony stopped producing it completely. Today’s Nintendo Switch is where its at in the world today. Reviews have referred to it as being a fantastic handheld device. The developers of the product effectively fused a dockable tablet with detachable controllers to give rise to this beautiful hybrid.

Nintendo Switch runs their own homemade operating system called Nintendo Switch system software. Most of you are used to hearing about just Android, iOS or Linux. However, there are a lot of many homemade operating systems out there. By homemade I mean the parent company developed a customized operating system for the device. For example, the ColorOS that we’ve seen in OPPO. Every product has a downside no matter how many pluses it might bring on the table. This goes to show that man is to error. I wonder whether AIs of the future will function based on this method as well. Nintendo Switch has had serious problems with coldboot vulnerability that allows full, unauthenticated arbitrary code execution.

Nintendo Switch running which OS at the moment?

There has been reports indicating that developers have been trying to make it run windows. However, this has proven to be quite the task as their seems to be a boot process malfunction. Nothing that the developers can’t get to the bottom of. There has been pictures of the product showing a familiar windows icon trending on social media. This gives the fans hope to see a finished product soon.

Fans of the Nintendo Switch are itching in their seats to see what features will be added on to the device. The developers still have a few bugs to take care of as well, for example the memory allocation problem.