Nintendo Is Planning To Make Your Smartphone Into A GameBoy

Nintendo may be working on a case that can transform a smartphone touch screen into a working Game Boy, complete with functioning buttons and directional pad, according to a recently published patent discovered by Siliconera.

It would definitely be bringing a whole lot of Game Boy nostalgia to the world of smartphone gaming.

According to the patent details, Nintendo is working on a case design that folds over a smartphone, which is very similar to folio cases. The folio case will fully enclose a phone and use a sheet of conductive material to transmit a finger’s touch to the smartphone’s touch screen, A square window, above the directional pad and two buttons at the top of the case, turns the top of a smartphone’s screen into the screen of the classic Nintendo handheld game.

According to Business Insider, The L and R buttons present on the Game Boy Advance are not present in the phone case, as per the images.


Nintendo May Have A Smartphone Folio Case In The PipelineNintendo May Have A Smartphone Folio Case In The Pipeline


What makes this one so interesting however is the fact that it has a cutout at the top where the display peeks through, while the bottom of the device has buttons that would tap on the smartphone’s display when touched. The entire thing is highly reminiscent of the Game Boy.

The new case would allow Nintendo to tap into its massive back catalog of handheld games.

But here’s a reality-check for you-not all patent applications get approved and this one might not make the cut either. Until then we can just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Previously we also had information about the new Nintendo Switch. Which like the new case is still under construction. The Nintendo Switch 2 will also be coming with some more new features. The specifics of the upcoming Nintendo Switch, including its name, aren’t known as of yet. However, speculation is rife that Nintendo will release a slimmer model of the console/handheld hybrid than before and possibly even include a better LCD screen for the Nintendo Switch users. The new Nintendo Switch will likely be playing all the same games as the predecessor but will allow them to run smoother and look even better.

Details are still hazy as to what the 2019 Nintendo Switch will have to offer, as Nintendo is still working on the hardware and software details, but the reports do mention that screen upgrades are in the works. They may also be upgrading the Nintendo Switch’s LCD screen from the lower-end tech used currently to the newer LCD screen tech being used in more recent smartphones.

The display would possibly become slimmer and much more energy-efficient while still delivering a high level of brightness. The report also mentioned that the Nintendo Switch won’t be making the transition to OLED.