Nike unveils shoes with self-lacing feature with an app

Tying shoe laces was one of the first things I felt proud to master. Way back when my parents would do everything for me. Now, they are such a drag. Nike has however unveiled new basketball sneakers which lace themselves. Adapt BB. These shoes are among the first of it’s kind. Players don’t need to hold up the game just to waste precious time tying laces.

Welcome to the future. It will feel like the shoe has a life of it’s own when all you have to do is press a button to tie the laces. The shoe hit markets going for $350. Different modes of tightening will be available to the players – tight when sprinting, loose when at rest. The company says they have employed a new compressing band mechanism to achieve self-lacing.

The laces are covered with fabric for protection and hence are not visible. It would have been cool to watch the laces move by themselves though. The embedded mechanism will have wireless charging to maintain power. The application used to control the laces is set to even receive updates to accommodate for changing user requirements. Nike says they will soon release the app to stores.

2019 is proving to be a very competitive year in the tech industry. Companies such as Nike embracing the technology trends to boost it’s designs is a clear show. Such a move will definitely give them an edge over their competitors, not to mention a rise in their stock value. I can’t wait to see what the other companies will match this with!