NewPipe broken: App has a new bug and here’s how to fix it

Is streaming the new trend to listen to music?

Gone are the days when the only way to listen to music was to download them. Handicaps such as computer viruses moved users away from this paradigm. The introduction of streaming services has been a huge step in the right direction. Some streaming applications have the ‘offline playing’ functionality that most users look for. Furthermore, Spotify is almost launching in India. Meaning that users will have a wider selection of streaming services to choose from. YouTube has been a major player in the game for too long.

As we know, YouTube has plenty of features to entertain their users – YouTube premium features, YouTube music. Both of which have not yet been launched in India. But in the world of technology, there is always another way. Legit open source ways to achieve premium-only features such as:

  • Ad-free streaming – The ads that come before or even between videos on YouTube are awfully annoying.
  • Background playback – This enables users to leave the application but still be able to play music. A development users have been praying for for the longest time.
  • Offline downloading – All of these features have been implemented via NewPipe.

NewPipe is based on youtube-dl, an excellent free and open-source software(FOSS). The application is extremely lightweight and is free from Google’s APIs. It’s hard to believe the application is only 6 MB considering all the juicy features it comes with. Just a sixth of the original application size.

Since the application lacks Google framework libraries, it is quite hard to move it to GooglePlay Store. Also, to use NewPipe one does not require a YouTube account. In recent reports, users are however complaining of having issues while playing videos. F-Droid, the official distributor is also experiencing the same.

Is there a fix?

Recently on our post about Twitter versus Huawei in China , downgrading to a later version of the application often fixes the problem. This does not work in this case. Developers have however quickly rolled out a new version that solves the problem. It is slightly difficult for users to install this new version. But once done, there are no more problems with the videos.