New update for Poco F1 adds screen freezing issues

Phone glitches and bugs are something the phone universe is getting used to. A very important part of software engineering of engineering as a whole is product maintainability. Any product developed by a developer should be able to be tweaked just in case there are bugs or problems in the system. Without this feature, bugs and glitches would be eternal. But since there are smart people in the world that foretold such dynamics, we are sorted. Have you ever imagined a world without technology? Yes, no one wants to go back to the stone age. The Flinstones made it look good but I have a feeling it was all a lie. Chinese made phones have started spreading far and wide with their user communities slowly growing. However, they also have problems like the rest of the competition. The latest one being the Poco F1 charging time problem.

Poco F1 charging time and screen freezing instances a bug for users

The good thing about the Chinese phone companies is that they offer good specs at an affordable price. Most people feel that iPhones are overpriced and hence such devices are the go-to. However, it is sad that most of these Chinese companies try to copy the Apple design. Even though some of them establish it quite well, originality is a good virtue to have in your arsenal. We all fell in love with Apple because they gave us something others couldn’t, quality. If someone else can come along and do just that, then they would be set to reach the top. Poco F1 users recently received a new update on their devices. An update meant to improve the user experience and solve a few bugs the system was suffering from. However, it seems to have done the complete opposite of improving the user experience.

The Poco F1 charging time issue had been complained about all over social media. As if that wasn’t enough, some users have reported cases where the screen freezes for a moment. All this sounds like signs of a flaw in the code. The only way forward for the development team is to roll out another update to fix the problem. Before users updated to the latest version, the charging rates were very impressive. Now, this is no longer the case. The fast charging system seems to have come under attack. But this shouldn’t be a big problem for the Chinese to fix.