New rumors on the iPhone 11 tell a story about a frosted glass

This year, firms involved in the phone industry are at each others throats. No on want to be left behind in any aspect. Again, I sing about Oppo’s full HD. I love that improvement because it is something we’ve never seen before. Something even the great and mighty Apple haven’t dared to do. However, Apple’s flagship device this is expected to woe users back into their arms. There have been heated discussions about how Apple are only maximizing on profits and not services rendered. This is poor considering how big the iPhone community is. In software engineering today, the user is the most important part of the process. The end result should be a smile on their faces. Even after all this, the fans still eagerly await the iPhone 11.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a supply chain analyst recently dropped plausible hardware improvements. Although sometimes the theories are dead wrong, the probability that they may be true is too big for us to ignore. Supposedly, the iPhone 11 will feature in a new frosted glass casing. Reports say that the new case will help improve the feel of the phone. Google Pixel 3 have already implemented this feature on their devices and it feels awesome! It’s not really the vibe you get when you look at it but just feel it one day. You’ll see what we mean.

What’s not good about the frosted glass casing on the iPhone 11?

Most of it is good news because who doesn’t want a good feel to their phones. However, there is a downside to the story. The frosted glass casing doesn’t do well to protect the iPhone 11 from damage. We all lose to gravity sometime and our phones fall to their doom. The cases’ main purpose is to protect the phone from damage. A glass one doesn’t really sound like it will do much good. Let’s wait and see, September isn’t that far.