New Report indicates lack of both USB-C and Fast Charging on iPhone 11

Apple are by far the world’s superpower when it comes to users. I believe there’s no company that really competes with them there, maybe just Samsung. However, their curve has been going doing in recent years. The income they used to produce back when there was no competition is not there any more. This has been caused mainly by the Asian continent embracing the China made devices. The likes of One Plus and Xiaomi are really making a statement in that region. Oppo is also an upcoming player whose phones look much like the Apple design. The only difference is that they are moving with time. Fans had been praying that the iPhone 11 moves past the lightning port and shady charger, none of that happened.

The idea had been sold on plenty of concepts that looked quite believable. We also posted a piece on the USB-C possibility. You can read about it here. The lightning port has always been a hustle for iPhone users because no other company uses it. I can’t imagine what such people do when they are in a room filled with Android users and they need a charger. Talks of it still being on the iPhone 11 has pissed off a lot of users. Take Samsung for example, their release for this month is rumored to have only a punched whole on the screen. No notch. Apple is too busy trying to make the most they possibly can and not caring about growth. Is Apple embracing the fact that it’s phone industry domination days are over? Hard to believe.

What problem will iPhone 11 solve?

Apple devices have always had a problem with battery life. The new iPhone 11 was supposed to solve this problem and also implement a fast charging functionality. Apparently, none of this will be happening. It seems like it was all a dream. But since these news are always subject to change, we hope for better news soon. Good thing Apple releases their flagships late in the year. We should expect it in markets as from September.