New renders for iPhone 11 in dark mode with iOS 13

Apple looks to have even more in store for us as the year gets older. Rumors of their new developments in the camera end are a matter of public knowledge. We covered the story in a recent post, read about it here. However, we are used to Apple being on the fore-front of phone technology. Will they surprise us this year? It is going to be hard since the concepts that are out so far already seem predictable. In the beginning of the year, users weren’t sure whether Apple would decide to do away with their huge notch. Now this seems like it was quite the dream. Now, fans can’t wait to try on the iOS 13’s new dark mode feature.

I’m not sure whether it’s a geek thing or just a computer-guru thing but I prefer dark mode in every device I have. Most apps and softwares developed in the recent past have the dark mode feature. Therefore, Apple incorporating it into their new iOS release is quite smart. In fact, now I want an iPhone with the dark mode feature. This company has over the years mastered how to lure customers. In the past it’s been their perfect camera tech, now they seem to be evolving further.

iPhone 11 is set to hit markets in September of this year. It seems to be quite far but it’ll be here before we know it. I can’t even believe that January is over, I can still hear the Christmas bells in my head. Was it really that long ago? Time seems to be going faster as we grow older. Wait, could that be a thing? I just might have made a ground-breaking discovery. But we’re here to talk about the iOS 13 dark mode.

We all know that Apple didn’t close 2018 on a high note. They struggled very much with sales in Asia. Could this be their comeback strategy? If not, they should know they need one quite desperately.