New patent for the Samsung S pen: Built-in camera, Optical zoom

Samsung have grown in size immensely over the years. The only way to pull off such progress is reliable service. Although many users might hate on their J series, their Note series is almost perfect. Personally, I’d pick the Samsung Note 9 any day over any other phone in the world. If Apple implement the dark mode they’ve been talking about it will be a tie. In 2018, their devices got very positive reviews. Features such as the S pen really won them some support. It is culture for Samsung to release the Galaxy S series before the Note. Hence most Note designs are quite flawless if you ask me.

In the Galaxy Note 9, they implemented a Bluetooth functionality for the S pen. This led to the development of features such as long range shutter, group photos have never been easier to take. Apple has nothing to equate to this technology at the moment. Might this be the edge Samsung needs to finally be the best? Well if it is, they seem to not be taking any chances with it. With the development of their foldable device still on-going, Samsung has proven to be slow but sure in rolling out new technology.

New features for the S pen

Optical zooming is an equation that has yet to be solved completely. Most phones in the market struggle when it comes to zooming. To enable this functionality, the device will have to be thick to make room for the extra lenses required. However, Samsung aim to remedy this by embedding it in the S pen. Since no one will mind a thick S pen, why not install it there?

Wait, did I mention that the S pen will have an in-built camera? I know, out of this world. Who said innovation was dead? Drawings show exactly how viable the solution is. Furthermore, with a tech team like Samsung’s, anything is possible.