New iOS 12 Guest Mode feature exciting a lot of jailbreak fans

Jailbreaking an iOS device as the name would say it is like breaking out of jail. A jail of capabilities in tweaking your system’s capabilities. In the past, we have posted plenty of articles about the question of jailbreaks. Although Apple’s OS is sort of too controlling, it is with good reason. Their devices are known to have bulletproof security protocols due to their unique OS implementation. However, this is clearly not always what users want. Like for example iOS 12 guest mode feature that has come out. The fact that you can separate user accounts on a phone is a phenomenon. It has no precedents.

In Windows PCs and MacBooks it is easy to abstract user accounts. There is often the presence of an admin that has power over all the other accounts. However, each account still has a unique password the admin has no access to. A power I enjoy as the administrator of my computer is that I can focus resources on the admin account. Most of the time my little brother wants to play games on my laptop and of course, I can’t let him use my admin account. The boy has his own user account where he has downloaded the games that suit his preference. It’s not that I don’t play games, I just don’t think PUBG is really his style.

With the iOS 12 Guest Mode feature, we will finally be able to achieve this functionality on phones. It is quite amazing to think that the OS will be able to abstract between data to be accessed in the separate user accounts. However, something tells me that it won’t be as easy to achieve as they are making it sound. Before it is perfected there has to be a few failed experiments. By this, I mean that there have to be some updates coming in the future to correct the flaws that the users will pick up.